Save Money on Ford F-250 Insurance in Atlanta

Discount Ford F-250 insuranceNobody I know likes having to buy car insurance, especially knowing they could find better prices if they shop around.

Sad but true, nearly 70% of customers have bought car insurance from the same company for a minimum of four years, and just short of a majority have never even compared quotes to find lower-cost rates. Georgia insurance shoppers could save up to 60% a year just by getting comparison quotes, but they just don’t understand how easy it is to compare rates and save money. Insurance companies such as State Farm, Progressive and GEICO promote their brand names with catchy ads and it can be hard to see through the cute green geckos and mayhem and take the time to shop coverage around.

If you have insurance now or need a new policy, you can learn to get lower rates without sacrificing coverage. Locating the best rates in Atlanta can be much easier if you know how to start. Smart buyers just have to use the tricks to buy insurance from many different companies online.

The Ford F-250 Insurance Premium Equation

Multiple criteria are used in the calculation when you get your auto insurance bill. Some of the criteria are obvious such as your driving record, but others are less apparent like your vehicle usage or your financial responsibility.

Do you need those extra coverages? – There are a ton of optional add-on coverages that you can buy if you aren’t diligent. Insurance for replacement cost coverage, better glass coverage, and additional equipment coverage could be just wasting money. They may sound like good ideas when talking to your agent, but your needs may have changed so eliminate them to save money.

Annual mileage and car insurance costs – Driving more miles each year the more you will pay for insurance. Almost all companies calculate rates based upon how the vehicle is primarily used. Cars that are left in the garage receive lower rates than vehicles that are driven to work every day. It’s a good idea to make sure your insurance policy reflects the correct usage for each vehicle, because it can save money. Improper usage on your F-250 may be costing you higher rates.

Avoid tickets and save – Whether or not you get tickets impacts premiums far more than you think. Getting just one speeding ticket or other violation may increase your cost twenty percent or more. Drivers with clean records pay less for auto insurance compared to drivers with tickets. Drivers unfortunate enough to have flagrant tickets such as hit and run, DWI or reckless driving convictions may need to file a proof of financial responsibility form (SR-22) with their state’s licensing department in order to legally drive a vehicle.

Marriage can lower costs – Having a wife or husband can actually save you money when shopping for insurance. Having a significant other is viewed as being more financially stable and it’s proven that married drivers tend to file fewer claims.

Insurance losses for a Ford F-250 – Insurance companies use past loss statistics for each vehicle as a way to help calculate a profitable premium price. Vehicles that statistically have a trend towards higher claim severity or frequency will have a higher premium rate. The data below shows the collected loss data for Ford F-250 vehicles.

For each insurance policy coverage type, the statistical loss for all vehicles as a whole is set at 100. Values that are under 100 are indicative of better than average losses, while numbers that are greater than 100 show a trend for more claims or a tendency for claims to be larger.

Ford F-250 Insurance Claim Statistics

Vehicle Make and Model Collision Property Damage Comp Personal Injury Medical Payment Bodily Injury
Ford F-250 4WD 58 97 85
Ford F-250 SuperCab 2WD 55 90
Ford F-250 SuperCab 4WD 72 118 71 48
Ford F-250 SuperCrew 2WD 75 101 125
Ford F-250 SuperCrew 4WD 86 132 176 44 44 90

Empty fields indicate not enough data collected
Statistics Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for 2013-2015 Model Years

Getting a cheaper price on insurance is not a difficult process. Consumers just need to take the time to get quotes online with multiple companies.

Online shopping is fast and free, and it makes it a waste of time to go to insurance agents’ offices. Comparing Ford F-250 insurance rate quotes online eliminates the need for an insurance agent unless you prefer the professional assistance of a local agency. You can, however, compare online quotes but buy the policy through an agent.

The auto insurance companies shown below can provide price comparisons in Atlanta, GA. If multiple providers are shown, we recommend you visit several of them to get the best price comparison.

Ford F-250 Insurance Rate Estimates in Atlanta, GA
Model Comp Collision Liability Medical UM/UIM Annual Premium Monthly Premium
F-250 XL 2WD $212 $404 $466 $28 $140 $1,250 $104
F-250 XL Cabela Package 2WD $182 $372 $466 $28 $140 $1,188 $99
F-250 XL Super Cab 2WD $240 $502 $502 $30 $150 $1,424 $119
F-250 XLT 2WD $274 $560 $538 $32 $162 $1,566 $131
F-250 XL 4WD $214 $342 $462 $28 $138 $1,184 $99
F-250 XLT Super Cab 2WD $214 $404 $418 $24 $126 $1,186 $99
F-250 XL Super Cab Cabela Package 2WD $330 $682 $578 $34 $172 $1,796 $150
F-250 XL Harley Edition 2WD $370 $706 $454 $26 $136 $1,692 $141
F-250 XL Crew Cab 2WD $328 $706 $466 $28 $140 $1,668 $139
F-250 XLT 4WD $242 $380 $644 $38 $192 $1,496 $125
F-250 XL Cabela Package 4WD $206 $372 $502 $30 $150 $1,260 $105
F-250 XL Crew Cab 4WD $212 $380 $492 $30 $148 $1,262 $105
F-250 XL Super Cab 4WD $348 $662 $506 $30 $152 $1,698 $142
F-250 XL Crew Cab Cabela Package 2WD $182 $428 $466 $28 $140 $1,244 $104
F-250 XL Super Cab Harley Edition 2WD $166 $372 $426 $26 $128 $1,118 $93
F-250 XL Turbo Diesel 2WD $348 $762 $458 $28 $138 $1,734 $145
F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab 2WD $192 $402 $458 $28 $138 $1,218 $102
F-250 XLT Crew Cab 2WD $310 $690 $600 $36 $180 $1,816 $151
F-250 XL Super Cab Cabela Package 4WD $328 $592 $556 $32 $166 $1,674 $140
F-250 XLT Super Cab 4WD $302 $476 $502 $30 $150 $1,460 $122
F-250 XL Harley Edition 4WD $412 $706 $502 $30 $150 $1,800 $150
F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab 4WD $302 $476 $502 $30 $150 $1,460 $122
F-250 Lariat Crew Cab 2WD $328 $688 $418 $24 $126 $1,584 $132
F-250 XL Super Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $370 $680 $454 $26 $136 $1,666 $139
F-250 XL Crew Cab Harley Edition 2WD $232 $502 $538 $32 $162 $1,466 $122
F-250 XL Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $242 $476 $426 $26 $128 $1,298 $108
F-250 Lariat Super Cab 2WD $268 $578 $502 $30 $150 $1,528 $127
F-250 XL Super Cab Cabela Turbo Diesel 2WD $436 $694 $582 $34 $174 $1,920 $160
F-250 XLT Turbo Diesel 2WD $366 $812 $502 $30 $150 $1,860 $155
F-250 XL Cabela Turbo Diesel 2WD $436 $694 $582 $34 $174 $1,920 $160
F-250 XLT Turbo Diesel 4WD $268 $502 $556 $32 $166 $1,524 $127
F-250 XLT Crew Cab 4WD $426 $720 $492 $30 $148 $1,816 $151
F-250 XL Super Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $204 $372 $516 $30 $154 $1,276 $106
F-250 XL Crew Cab Harley Edition 4WD $204 $372 $556 $32 $166 $1,330 $111
F-250 XL Cabela Turbo Diesel 4WD $412 $706 $502 $30 $150 $1,800 $150
F-250 XL Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $302 $476 $502 $30 $150 $1,460 $122
F-250 Lariat Super Cab 4WD $242 $414 $472 $28 $142 $1,298 $108
F-250 XL Turbo Diesel 4WD $268 $476 $516 $30 $154 $1,444 $120
F-250 XL Super Cab Harley Edition 4WD $436 $604 $644 $38 $192 $1,914 $160
F-250 XLT Super Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $472 $1020 $600 $36 $180 $2,308 $192
F-250 XL Harley Turbo Diesel 2WD $214 $402 $458 $28 $138 $1,240 $103
F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $374 $800 $538 $32 $162 $1,906 $159
F-250 XL Super Cab Harley Turbo Diesel 2WD $418 $954 $538 $32 $162 $2,104 $175
F-250 XLT Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $184 $372 $426 $26 $128 $1,136 $95
F-250 XL Crew Cab Harley Turbo Diesel 2WD $298 $634 $578 $34 $172 $1,716 $143
F-250 XL Crew Cab Cabela Turbo Diesel 2WD $268 $578 $502 $30 $150 $1,528 $127
F-250 Lariat Super Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $426 $830 $444 $26 $134 $1,860 $155
F-250 Lariat Crew Cab 4WD $298 $634 $640 $38 $192 $1,802 $150
F-250 King Ranch Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $268 $550 $516 $30 $154 $1,518 $127
F-250 XL Super Cab Cabela Turbo Diesel 4WD $418 $954 $596 $36 $178 $2,182 $182
F-250 XLT Super Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $184 $372 $472 $28 $142 $1,198 $100
F-250 Cabela Crew Cab 4WD $204 $428 $516 $30 $154 $1,332 $111
F-250 XL Harley Turbo Diesel 4WD $388 $762 $506 $30 $152 $1,838 $153
F-250 XLT Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $408 $938 $640 $38 $192 $2,216 $185
F-250 Lariat Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 2WD $232 $568 $538 $32 $162 $1,532 $128
F-250 Lariat Crew Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $404 $854 $556 $32 $166 $2,012 $168
F-250 XL Super Cab Harley Turbo Diesel 4WD $404 $812 $516 $30 $154 $1,916 $160
F-250 Lariat Super Cab Turbo Diesel 4WD $224 $450 $556 $32 $166 $1,428 $119
F-250 XL Crew Cab Harley Turbo Diesel 4WD $328 $590 $472 $28 $142 $1,560 $130
Get Your Own Custom Quote Go

Prices based on married male driver age 50, no speeding tickets, no at-fault accidents, $250 deductibles, and Georgia minimum liability limits. Discounts applied include multi-policy, safe-driver, claim-free, multi-vehicle, and homeowner. Table data does not factor in your specific Atlanta location which can affect price quotes significantly.

Comparison of full coverage and liability-only policies

The information below visualizes the comparison of Ford F-250 car insurance rates with and without full coverage. The premium estimates are based on no accidents, no driving violations, $1,000 deductibles, married female driver, and no other discounts are factored in.

When to switch to liability coverage only

There is no clear-cut formula of when to stop paying for physical damage coverage on your policy, but there is a general school of thought. If the annual cost of having full coverage is more than 10% of the vehicle’s replacement cost less your deductible, then it could be time to drop full coverage.

For example, let’s pretend your Ford F-250 replacement value is $7,000 and you have $1,000 full coverage deductibles. If your vehicle is destroyed, the most your company would pay you is $6,000 after paying your policy deductible. If premium cost is more than $600 a year for full coverage, the it may be a good time to stop paying for full coverage.

There are a few situations where dropping full coverage is not a good idea. If you still owe money on your vehicle, you are required to maintain full coverage to satisfy the loan requirements. Also, if your finances do not allow you to purchase a different vehicle if your current one is damaged, you should keep full coverage in place.

Big names are not always cheapest

Georgia drivers can’t get away from all the ads that claim the lowest premium rates from companies such as State Farm, Allstate and GEICO. They all have a common claim of big savings if you switch to their company.

Is it even possible that every company can make the same claim? Here is the trick they use.

Most companies quote the lowest rates for the type of driver that will add to their bottom line. One example of this type of insured might be between the ages of 30 and 45, has a low-risk occupation, and drives less than 7,500 miles a year. Any customer who meets those qualifications will qualify for the lowest prices in Atlanta and will also cut their Ford F-250 insurance rates if they switch.

People who do not meet this stringent profile will probably have to pay higher premiums which leads to the driver buying from a lower-cost company. The trick is to say “customers who switch” not “everyone who quotes” save that much. That’s why insurance companies can state the savings. Because of the profiling, it is so important to get a wide range of price quotes. Because without a comparison, you cannot know which insurance companies will have the best auto insurance rates for your profile.

Auto insurance is not optional

Even though it can be expensive, insurance is mandatory in Georgia but it also protects more than you think.

The benefits of having auto insurance are definitely more than the cost, especially for larger claims. An average driver in America is currently overpaying as much as $855 a year so it’s recommended you shop around each time the policy renews to save money.

Discounts mean cheaper rates for Ford F-250 insurance in Atlanta

The price of auto insurance can be rather high, but there are discounts available that could help you make your next renewal payment. Certain discounts will be applied at the time you complete a quote, but some may not be applied and must be specially asked for in order for you to get them. If you do not double check each discount you qualify for, it’s possible you qualify for a lower rate.Auto insurance discounts

Keep in mind that most credits do not apply to all coverage premiums. Most only reduce specific coverage prices like liability and collision coverage. If you do the math and it seems like it’s possible to get free car insurance, you’re out of luck.

Larger auto insurance companies and a summarized list of policyholder discounts can be read below.

If you need lower rates, check with every insurance company which discounts can lower your rates. Discounts may not be offered in your state. To choose insurance companies that offer many of these discounts in Atlanta, click here to view.

Can’t I compare rates from local Atlanta insurance agencies?

Some people still prefer to talk to a local agent and we recommend doing that Good agents are trained to spot inefficiencies and give you someone to call. A nice benefit of price shopping on the web is you can get cheap rate quotes but also keep your business local.

To make it easy to find an agent, after completing this quick form, the quote information is sent to insurance agents in Atlanta who will give you bids and help you find cheaper coverage. You don’t have to do any legwork since rate quotes are delivered to you instantly. If you need to get a price quote from a specific company, just go to their quote page and fill out their quote form.

Choosing the best provider is decision based upon more than just a cheap price. The answers to these questions are important, too.

Pick the best auto insurance agent in Atlanta for you

If you prefer to buy auto insurance from a reputable insurance agent or broker, it’s important to understand the different agency structures and how they can quote your rates. Auto insurance agents in Atlanta can either be exclusive or independent agents depending on their company appointments. Either type can write policy coverage, but it’s important to point out the differences since it could factor into which agent you choose.

Exclusive Agents

Agents that choose to be exclusive generally can only insure with one company like Allstate, Farmers Insurance or State Farm. Exclusive agencies are unable to compare rates from other companies so it’s a take it or leave it situation. Exclusive agents are trained well on their products and sales techniques which helps them compete with independent agents.

Below are exclusive agencies in Atlanta who may provide you with price quote information.

3040 Briarcliff Rd NE cAtlanta, GA 30329(404) 748-9739View Map

2798 Lakewood Ave SW aAtlanta, GA 30315(404) 209-1225View Map

3145 Peachtree Rd #197Atlanta, GA 30305(404) 814-0071View Map

View more agents

Independent Agencies or Brokers

Agents that elect to be independent do not work for one specific company and that is an advantage because they can write policies with lots of companies and possibly get better coverage at lower prices. If you want to switch companies, they simply move the coverage in-house which requires no work on your part. When comparing rate quotes, you definitely need to compare prices from multiple independent agents so that you have a good selection of quotes to compare.

Listed below are independent agencies in Atlanta who can help you get price quote information.

Access General Agency Inc
1627 Peachtree St NEAtlanta, GA 30309(404) 817-9744View Map

530 Joseph E Lowery Blvd SW AAtlanta, GA 30310(470) 771-3398View Map

Gibb Insurance Agency
991 Cascade Rd SWAtlanta, GA 30311(404) 758-3511View Map

View more agents

After you get good answers for all questions you ask and an affordable coverage quote, you may have found an auto insurance agent that is reputable and can properly insure your vehicles. Keep in mind you can always cancel your coverage at any point so don’t think that you’re stuck with any specific company for the entire policy term.

More effort can pay off

Cheaper auto insurance in Atlanta is definitely available online as well as from insurance agents, so you need to quote Atlanta car insurance with both to get a complete price analysis. Some companies do not offer online rate quotes and many times these small insurance companies work with independent agents.

We just covered some good ideas how you can save on Ford F-250 insurance in Atlanta. It’s most important to understand that the more companies you get prices for, the higher the chance of saving money. Drivers may even discover the most savings is with the smaller companies. Some small companies often have lower prices on specific markets than the large multi-state companies such as State Farm or Progressive.

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